treatments and extras


shed treatment and extras

You can customize your building to suit your needs with a stable door or opening windows. We make to order so you can get exactly what you want.

Market leading wood treatment

Once you've purchased your building, it should be treated as soon as possible by either us or your selves. Once treated, you should apply wood preserve at least once a year to protect the wood.

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At our factory, we offer full wood treatment in light oak and golden brown
  • Full Treatment Up To & Incl. 7x5 £35.00
  • Full Treatment Up To & Incl. 8x6 £40.00
  • Full Treatment Up To & incl. 12x8 £45.00
  • Full Treatment Up To & Incl. 16x12 £55.00
Shed Extras
  • Extra Height Up To 10x6 (per board) £45.00
  • Extra Height Up To 16x10 (per board) £65.00
  • Opening Windows £40.00
  • Double Shed Doors £50.00
  • Extra Shed Door £50.00
  • Stable Door £50.00
  • Extra Security Shed Door £140.00
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Base preparation
Your shed base must be ready in advance. We advise you leave a minimum of 1' clearance around the base in order to regularly treat and maintain the building. The base must be level and firm.

In order to ensure that you receive years of enjoyment and service from your sectional building, it is important that the site is not prone to regular flooding. You must prepare the site for your building properly. Ensure base preparation is completed on an area of ground that is square, level and firm.
Fence posts
Fence posts are lengths of treated timber, i.e. 3x3" fencing posts, which are laid under the floor joist of the building in the opposite direction. It is important to ensure that all vegetation and turf etc. is removed from the site, enabling the bearers to be laid flat down firm ground and are level with each other by use of a spirit level.

Fence posts should be of sufficient length to fit under the floor joists, laid one at each end, and then approximately 16" to 19" centres. This will give sufficient support to the floor joists and ensure that the building will be a stable construction. For further information contact our office.


Fence post base
Sherwood Shed Company offers a fence post base laying service across Nottingham (fence posts included), on to flat, level ground.

slab base
Your new sectional building can be erected directly onto a concrete base or a slabbed area, as described above. When laying concrete slabs, it is important to ensure that the slabs are laid onto firm sub-soil, topped with sand or a dry mix of sand and cement, making sure, by use of a spirit level, that the slabs are level.


Fence Posts Prices
6x4 £70.00 (4 Posts)
7x5 £90.00 (5 Posts)
8x6 £100.00 (6 Posts)
10x6 £135.00 (7 Posts)
Slab base Prices
6x4 £205.00
7x5 £290.00
8x6 £385.00
10x6 £430.00
10x8 £490.00
12x6 £490.00
12x8 £545.00